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From Casablanca to Fes, from Rabat to Marrakesh, from Tangier to Safi, Morocco is a nation of incredible cities, culture, and people, a bubbling cauldron of living breathing history. From amazing little-known historical facts like knowing the Kingdom of Morocco was actually the first ally of the United States and the first nation to recognize their independence, to the modern counter-culture movement that saw a large host of American writers, poets, artists, and musicians emigrate to Tangiers, you will find yourself fascinated by all the wonderful history and culture involving this amazing nation.


We certainly were!


Please peruse our blog posts. Learn about the unique personalities of Morocco’s major cities and not only the ways they are the same but also the many ways they are different. Explore the Sahara desert and sandstone remains of old casbahs in the wilderness, or enjoy some of the most underrated beaches you’ll find anywhere, maybe even catch a beautiful sunset on the coast. Enjoy the often relaxed pace of life in Tangier or the bustle of Rabat.


There’s no single culture or way of doing things. Traveling from city to city will bring so many different experiences to life, and all of them will be distinct from the hospitality of the desert villages or camps. Morocco’s history is one of understanding and the blending of many cultures, beliefs, and traditions.


You can’t take these away and still have the vibrant nation of Morocco that we all love and enjoy today!


Whether you want to check out expat communities and how they blend into the local areas or go on a fast-paced exploration of the many incredible sites this nation has to offer, Morocco is a place that is easy to fall in love with and we hope you experience that passion through every post we share with you all!