Top Guide For Buying A Moroccan Rug

Are you thinking about getting that beautiful Moroccan rug you might have seen in a magazine?

Most people do!

The best thing to do is take time to figure out what is necessary as a buyer. Here are the tips that matter.


Assess Texture

How does the rug’s texture feel?

Sometimes, the rug might appeal to have the right appearance, but as soon as you give it a touch, the difference is palpable. You don’t want to be left with a synthetic rug, and that is a major concern for people as they go rug shopping. Make sure to give the rug a proper touch.

This is the only way to know what you’re getting.

Some people go by face value and then are surprised when it doesn’t hold up or feel as good as it should.


Consider Your Needs

What are your needs from the Moroccan rug?

This is a good starting point as you look to figure things out and make sure it fits your needs. Some people don’t think about their needs as much as they should. It is important to consider what you are getting and pinpointing your options.

You want to think about the appearance of your rug, measurements, and what your budget is.

This is essential information because it helps you look past the poor options that are not going to jive with your requirements.


Don’t Rush

It is easy to think you have to rush when you are looking around.

Most people assume that is a part of the selling process, but you are going to be left surprised. Some people believe it is going to work out like that and this is wrong. You are getting a big part of your property, and it is going to decorate the rest of your room.

You want to maximise the opportunity to take a look around and see how it is going to fit your needs. The more you do this, the better your fit is going to be.


Compare Options

Some people think the first rug they find is the one they need to get. This is wrong and is the reason you are going to end up with a dud.

You need to make sure the rug is ideal for your needs.

This also includes the options you have in front of you and how they are going to compare to other rugs. Take the time to examine a variety of features including the material they are made from. If you are expecting to go with an authentic option, you want to take the time to check it out.


Fire Test

How can you make sure the rug that is purchased is authentic?

This is the question people are going to ask, and it is a good one when you are in this position. You don’t want to listen to the seller because they want you to buy whatever you can get. This is normal and is a part of their job, but you can do a simple fire test.

The idea is to take a lighter up to the rug.

Why is that the case?

A proper rug is not going to light up. It is fire-resistant, but the same cannot be said for a synthetic material. It will light up, and the seller will not want you to do that.

These are the things you have to mull over as you are buying a top Moroccan rug. As long as you follow this advice, you are going to have a beautiful rug that suits your needs and has that elegance to it that is hard to ignore. If you feel out of your comfort zone buying directly from a Moroccan Artisan don’t let that put you off as there are many local importers of such fine rugs. Carter Jones UK,  has a wide range of rugs to choose from, fast delivery and customer service you can rely on. All rugs can be returned should you be unhappy with your purchase.

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